Why we should use hello bar?

Well If you don't know about hello bar than I will tell you that hello bar is a E-mail capture tools.And you can generate traffic from hello bar, you can contact you customer with phone, if you run blog than you can capture reader e-mail and you can do affiliate marketing etc.

Note: Hello bar is free if you want to use pro version than you have to paid.

How to use hello bar?

you have to go google and type "Hello bar" and create account hello bar. if you refer other person than you can use pro version. if any person install hello bar from your link, than you can use  sign up/month.

this is sign up of hello bar.
click to sign in button and give you website or blog link and you can  capture visitor e-mail.

inter your e-mail id and log in hello bar.

how to manage hello bar?


In summary you can see you visitor and how many visitor subscribe your blog, and how many people see your post. You can contact your visitor and you can increase your traffic. 


In Analytics you can see that how many people visit you site and how many people subscribe you blog or website. You can see that how many e-mail collect.

create new popup:

When you sign up and login in your account than you have to create popup which show your website or blog. 
When you create popup than you can give text as you like . 

                    Sign up for hello bar

Many WordPress user don't know more bout  plugins. So I will show you top 10 plugins which must important in stat time. there are over 55,000 plugins in the official WordPress.org. without using plugins you can not do any activities, So plugins is very important for your blog.

Here're some list of WordPress plugins which you can use. I will show you with full detail of plugins.

One Signals

One signal is very important for sending push notification of your blog user.

After setup, your visitors opt-in to receive push notifications when you publish a new post. Visitors receive these notifications even after they’ve left your website, thus driving re-engagement.
You can configure notification delivery at preset intervals, create user segments, and customize the opt-in process for visitors.
                              <Download Onesignal>

When we start a blog than we have to write posts after that we have to do Seo, and than your post rank.so Yoast is well SEO optimize for your blog.
Need some help with your search engine optimization? Need an SEO plugin that helps you reach for the stars? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. 

contact form 7 when you start your blog than many user wants to contact you.By contact form 7 you can manage multiple contact.
                           <Download contact form 7>

In Akismet you can check your blog comment and contact for submission against global database  of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content.

                    <Download Akismet>

Jetpack used in website analytics and give more feature as like : PayPal button. Automated social Media posting and scheduling in advance , and manage multiple advertising.
                      <Download jetpack>

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your web server will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.
The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users:

                  <Dowload wp super cache>
Social Snap is loading asynchronously and it’s using vector icons that won’t slow down your website unlike other social sharing plugins. We spent months making sure Social Snap performance was top-notch. Expect nothing but the fastest performance when using it yourself and displaying Social Snap social share and follow options to your visitors.


Easily add beautiful and highly customizable social share buttons. Choose from most popular social networks and actions.
                       <Download social snap>

Some people don't like pings and some people really like ping for own your site to your own site when your write post.This plugin disables Intro-blog pings.
                            <Download No self pings>
This plugins manage your all affiliate link on your website or blog.
Compatible with both the Classic Editor and new Gutenberg Block Editor.

this plugins is very important for your blog, this plugin is monitor of your blog.  this plugin check broken link of your site and let you know if any are found.
                                 <Download broken link checker>

 Do you want to show for way to check keyword ranking? DO you want to know how is your keyword searching or performing  position in google (search engine)?. 

it is extremely needs for all the blogger or search engine optimize (seo) professional to check their google keyword ranking for targeted keyword.
 Almost all the blogger doing big misteck, They only write post and publish it without targeting any keyword at all.

this tools is only take 5 to 10 minutes to use a keyword searching tools like SEMRUCH HREF  or the google keyword search tools to find out which keyword to use your blog post.

AND next step. when you complete writing an SEO optimized blog post using your targeted keywords, after that you continue to building power full backlink with the proper anchor text.

why keyword tracking is Important for your blog and website? when you start blog or website than you need to boost your search engine traffic and if you want to sale something your website.

if you complete your proper on-page-seo there is extremely chances to rank your post on first 40 to 50 search result.

when you write post, than you need to improve your seo, you know how to manage keyword properly so you can easily find that which keyword strong for you domain and which are not strong for your domain.

in that case you need a tool that can tell you where specific keyword ranking in google search engine result.

11 useful website to to checking google's ranking keyword in searching engine.

5.google rank checker
6.SEO centre rank checker
7.small seo tools
8.SERP's keyword rank checker
10.keyword spy
11.cute rank tools

Accomplish you blog you need to know about you competitors, than you have to complete them. For that you need to a tools for checking targeted keyword for your post you can use semrush this is the best keyword searching tools.

I will show you  5 best affiliate marketing programs, where you earn more extra money from there. So if you are a blogger or you tuber than of course you should join this affiliate programs. before I will start, I will show you that what is affiliate marketing ? and how it work? without investing time let's start.

what is affiliate marketing ?

well of course all the affiliate marketers want to know about affiliate marketing, than in this article  we know about affiliate meaning.

affiliate means when you promote other company product as like Amazon, blue host, flipkart etc. than they give you some commission, when you convert product in sell. So you can under stand that what is meaning of affiliate marketing.

how it work ?

affiliate marketing is like a job where you join it and promote their product, and when anybody buy by your link than they give you some commission.

I will talk about 5 best affiliate marketing
  • Amazon
  • blue host
  • semrush
  • site ground
  • hostgator


Almost all the people shop from amazon but they don't know about amazon affiliate programs so I will show you that amazon affiliate marketing. That how to join it ? and how to make money from there.
Firstly you have to go amazon site and go to footer and click become an affiliate  you can see this image.
after that you need to click join and fill the form and link your bank account, because directly send money in your bank account. When you will fill the form than you got a box where you have to provide website, but don't worry, You need a face book page. You can give your face book page url.
So I hope you understand about amazon affiliate programs. if you want to join it click below link.
sign up for amazon

  • blue host:
if your are a blogger or you tuber than you can join blue host affiliate marketing. before start ,we know about blue host affiliate marketing. Blue host is a hosting provider company, when you make a website than you need to web hosting so blue host provide it. 

when you join blue hosting affiliate programs. When you promote their hosting and after that if anybody sign up your link, than they give you some commission. blue host give good money if one person sign up your link than blue host give you 65$/sign up.

  • semrush:
Semrush is a SEO tools when you start a blog or website than you need to keywords searching tools,back link checker tools, competitor checker tools, etc. So semrush is a such like tools. 

And they provide affiliate link when you share or promote their product they give you some commission. so if you want to join semruch affiliate programs than click below link.

you can see semruch affiliate programs picture.

  • site ground
Site ground is a hosting company which provide  provide hosting for blogger or website. this is the best affiliate marketing. highly recommended of this affiliate marketing where you earn lot of money. they provide some task. when 5 to 10 person sign  up your link than they give you a rank.

if you want to sign up for this affiliate marketing click below the link.

  • host gator:
host gator is hosting company so you can also join it.

Well all the people want to become  a success full business man, but they don't know that how to promote our product and how to reach more people. don't worry to I will show you that how to promote your product with low investment.
 So after promote your product you should decide than what kind of people need to you , and what do you want to sell. because until you don't decide than you may not grow. 

And you need to under stand marketing and how many people sell such as your product after than you need to promote your product on face books, Instagram, google etc.

 when you promote social media platform than you can grow very fast because to day all the people use social media platform and you can easily start selling, 

how to promote on face books:

if you want to promote on face book you can in starting time you can promote within RS.100  you need to create a page and review your business and start promotion. you can easily targeted limited customer. if you want to generate traffic on your site than you can also do such as thing.

how to promote on Instagram:

if you are a business man or if you want to start drop shipping than one of the best platform to promote your product. 

In instagram you need to find out the best pages where 10000 followers than you need to contact  to the owner of that page and you have to talk about which you want to ,and in Instagram only you can start promotion only 40$ to 50$. I hope you will under stand that how to promote your website, business and products.

how to promote on google:

well all the people know about google. But they don't know that how to promote your product or business on google. So on the google anyone can promote your website, drop shipping business or any thing. you need to go to google and type "google adword " than sign up your gmail account and create your promotion page and promote your business.So I hope that you under stand that you to promote.

if this is help fully than please share this post to other persons.